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The Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI) will continue connecting with you, our members, during this time of social distancing by providing access to online meetings and alternative learning opportunities. We won't meet in-person for the time being, but we will continue moving forward.

Though details surrounding some CCTSI-related virtual sessions and meetings are still in development and updates will continue over the coming days, we wanted to share information with you on how our programs and services are proceeding over the next few weeks.

BERD clinics will continue virtually by appointment through the CIDA website ( Requests for grants and projects will be addressed as normal with virtual meetings as needed. Existing short courses are moving online with zoom. Our future short courses and seminars for spring term have been suspended with plans forthcoming.

Clinical Research Support Team (CReST) is still available for regulatory, clinical trial budget and finance tasks. Due to current restrictions on non-essential studies, we are not able to coordinate on site, but can help with retrospective chart reviews and other studies that can be done remotely. For questions, contact Benjamin Echalier.

Community Engagement will continue its activity remotely (all on-campus activities and organized community meetings are canceled). Montelle Tamez will be holding coordinating meetings with the PACT Council and Community Research Liaisons via Zoom. Colorado Immersion Training is postponed until further notice Community Consults will be done virtually.

  • Colorado Immersion Training in Community Engagement has been postponed with future date established at this time. If you have questions please contact Kaylee Rivera. We are planning to keep all current applications on file, and when a determination is made about how and when to move forward, we will pick up where we left off with the existing applicants. We plan to re-assess the situation in mid-April.
  • Community Engagement & Research Core Consults—Community Engagement will still accept submissions for a consult, however, all consultations will be moved to Zoom. If your research team would like to learn more or request a consult, please visit our Community Programs page or email Kaylee Rivera.

Clinical and Translational Research Centers (CTRCs) remain closed except for essential research.

  • UCH CTRC — To obtain approval for essential clinical research visits, you must submit an application justifying your request, including your IRB number and a copy of the protocol, to Approval by UCH Research Administration is required prior to any CTRC study visits. For questions contact Diane Branham.
  • CHCO CTRC — To obtain approval for essential clinical research visits, you must submit an application justifying your request, including your IRB number, a copy of the protocol, and current contact details for any study staff or physicians involved with visits to Janine Higgins. If you have any further questions or comments, please send them to
  • Boulder CTRC – For information on how to request essential research or for questions contact Nikki Leonardo.
  • National Jewish CTRC – For information on how to request essential research or for questions contact Jessica Sussman.
Dissemination and Implementation Research Program (D&I) – D&I consults are still available by request here. Abstracts due for the Colorado Pragmatic Research in Health Conference by 3/31. The conference may be virtualized or postponed until later in the summer; decision pending. For questions, contact Bethany Kwan.

Early Life Exposures Research Program (ELEP)—For information on ELEP, contact Teri Hernandez. The Perinatal Research Facilitation and Advisory Committee continues to review protocols remotely and does not anticipate any delays. For questions regarding the PARITY database, please email Virginia Lijewski.
Education, Training and Career Development (ETCD) The table below provides updates on our ETCD programs. Continue to check our web page to learn about the programs and important dates. We thank all of you working on the front lines to protect our community.  We need you and are here to support you. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Cicutto, Ms. Galit Mankin or the specific program directors.

Education, Training, and Career Development Programs Details
ATLAS.ti Short Courses
Please check the website for the next offering.
Clinical Science Graduate Program All courses and student oral exams have moved to an online and/or Zoom format.
Postponed the last session to the summer.
Applications for 2020-2021 will be solicited in May.
Clinical Faculty Scholars
Programming is sustained with the use of Zoom. Applications for the next cohort are due March 30, 2020
Clinical Trials Training for Investigators, Clinic Trials Coordinators and PRAs (Ethics, RCR, GCP, regulatory) initiatives (workshops, webinars, etc.)
Clinical Trials Training for Investigators, Clinic Trials Coordinators and PRAs (Ethics, RCR, GCP, regulatory) initiatives (workshops, webinars, etc.)

Face-to-face seminars are canceled and hope to resume in the summer months. (NIH requires face-to-face training, the situation is being monitored for changes).

Webinars and online modules exist to meet several training needs. For the most current information, please refer to our web page.
KL2 Mentored Career Awards Continuing to meet using Zoom.  All slots are full and we will not have an RFA this summer.
KTR Grant Review and Mock Study Section LOIs are due April 17, 2020
Full applications due May 1, 2020
Study section will meet by Zoom May 15, 2020
LITeS The last session was postponed to the fall.  Some online material will be added.  The program is in direct communication with participants. Applications for the 2020-2021 will be held this summer.
Pre K Grant Review and Mock Study Section LOIs are due April 20, 2020
Full applications due May 4, 2020
Study section will meet by Zoom May 21, 2020
SUMMiT Summer Undergraduate Multi-cultural Mentoring in Translational Science  AND Denver Student Training in Research Sciences (STaRS)
Programming is moving to online formats and webinars are being created to supplement learning.
TL1 (TOTTS) Training awards for Pre- and Post- Doctoral Trainees
For the current cohort, monthly seminars held via Zoom.
Applications for 2020-2021 due April 19, 2020

I-Corps@CCTSI is being postponed with the rescheduled date TBD. Contact Dan Holtrop for more information.

Informatics will continue to support applications such as REDCap and Colorado PROFILES, monitor and maintain servers and ensure that the CCTSI electronic infrastructure is functioning well.  End user support will continue but the expectation is that issues will be resolved remotely using phone, Zoom, or remote desktop. If an issue cannot be resolved through remote means, the Informatics team and CCTSI leadership will determine what course of action will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Information on IT resources as well as general CCTSI information can be found here.

Pilot Grants— The CCTSI Pilot Grants Program team is working remotely to issue all new Notices of Award for the CO-Pilot, Child and Maternal Health Pilot, Translational Methods Pilot, and the Community Engagement pilot programs, Our goal is for all investigators conducting Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animals research to have their institutional regulatory compliance approvals in place by May 1, 2020 (if possible).  At this time, we plan to issue awards with a 12-month budget period (5/1/20-4/30/21); we understand that COVID-19 restrictions related to research and lab access may cause delays in your ability to actually begin the project; we will be taking that into account to approve no-cost extensions (if necessary) as the budget period end-date approaches. For any questions about the CCTSI Pilot Grant Programs, email Debra Szuster.

Research Studios scheduled for April 24 and June 5 will be conducted via Zoom. Sessions are still available for both dates. Contact Dan Holtrop for more information.

Trial Innovation Network (TIN) – For information on CCTSI TIN activity, contact Benjamin Echalier.

For additional information on using and troubleshooting Zoom, please see this user guide.

The CCTSI team is here to help you navigate through any challenges that arise during this time. Feel free to reach out by email, and keep up with the latest CCTSI information on our website and via Twitter.

Thank you for being a part of our research community and being willing to forge new ways of working together to advance translational science.

The CCTSI Team
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