Alphabetical List of Presenters

Bergstedt, Dylan"Give an impromptu lecture about juvenile idiopathic arthritis": Using fellows' performance on a pediatric rheumatology objective structured clinical examination scenario to improve future examinationsEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:42
Blankenship, MadelineSocially Assistive Robots for Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Meta-AnalysisOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:07
Bloom, JessicaPulmonary Eosinophilic Vasculitis with Granulomas and Benralizumab in ChildrenPulmonary/Lung Injury12:07
Brajcich, MichelleWhat to call a toddler who coughs and wheezes? Shifting trends in asthma, bronchiolitis, and viral pneumonia over 10 yearsPulmonary/Lung Injury12:21
Ceccato, TovaEffects of MicroRNAs in Kawasaki serum on endothelial gene expressionBasic Science, Stem Cells1:07
Cotter, JillianAntibiotic Use in Hospitalized Children with PneumoniaPulmonary/Lung Injury12:00
Currin-McCulloch, JenniferThe Meaning and Function of Hope among Young Adults Living with Advanced CancerOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:28
Dias Maia, PaulaIron Deficiency in Celiac Disease: Do we need to treat? and Does Acute Kidney Injury during Indomethacin Therapy for Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure Predict Echocardiographic Closure Among Preterm Neonates?Gastroenterology/Hepatology1:21, 1:28
Dodson, DanielAntimicrobial Stewardship in Pediatric Patients in Colorado Community HospitalsOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:49
Duensing, AllisonInfant MSC Metabolism is correlated with Maternal Insulin and Offspring Adiposity, not Maternal BMI The ECHO Healthy Start CohortEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:07
Evers, LauraImplementation of a Comprehensive Program to Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes for Inpatients with Congenital Heart Disease: Cardiac Inpatient Neurodevelopmental Care Optimization (CINCO)Surgery/Critical Care1:21
Friedman, HannahMedication Regimen Complexity Faced by Parent Caregivers of Neurologically Impaired Children with PolypharmacyOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:28
Ghosh, SwatiLRH1 agonist has anti-inflammatory properties and could be potential for are Involved in the Pathogenesis of Parenteral Nutrition Associated CholestasisGastroenterology/Hepatology1:00
Huddle, Stephen3-D Printed Miniature Prosthetic FingersSurgery/Critical Care1:42
Jerrod, TiffanyAlliance for HPV Free Colorado: A multi-faceted approach to improve HPV vaccination uptakeEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:35
Keleher, MadelinePropensity for adipogenesis and adipocyte hypertrophy in mesenchymal stem cells from infants of mothers with obesityFetal Development/Pregnancy12:07
Lake, JessicaImproving CAR T cell therapy against sarcomaBasic Science, Stem Cells1:14
Liberio, BriannaRisk Factors for Acute Kidney Injury in Neonates with Congenital Diaphragmatic HerniaFetal Development/Pregnancy12:00
Lin, JonathanEffect of a learning intervention for the PRETEXT Liver Staging SystemGastroenterology/Hepatology1:07
Lind, KatherineRetrospective Patient-Level Study of Early Death from Childhood Cancer in ColoradoOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:14
Moment, LaurenCannabis-Induced Psychosis and Associations Between Cannabis and SchizophreniaSurgery/Critical Care1:35
Mudie, LucyPerformance of the Spot Vision Screener in Children with Down Syndrome and Other Special NeedsSurgery/Critical Care1:28
Murphy-Zane, MargaretRisk Factors Associated with DDH Prevalence Among Infant Hips Referred for Evaluation of DDHFetal Development/Pregnancy12:42
Nguyen, AlexanderMetformin Improves Left Ventricular Size and Function in Adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:28
Nokoff, NatalieMarkers of Cardiometabolic Health and Body Composition for Transgender Youth Before and After TestosteroneEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:21
Reeser, RachelAn Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model of Cell-ECM Interactions During Heart Development in Down SyndromeBasic Science, Stem Cells1:21
Reppucci, MarinaPredictability of Early Outcomes of Reverse Shock Index Multiplied by Glasgow Coma Scale Among Pediatric Trauma PatientsSurgery/Critical Care1:07
Sebastian, ThresiaAntibiotic use for conjunctivitis: decision to treat and opportunities to improve management and Pediatric COVID-19 in Denver, Colorado: Household Transmission and the Disproportionate Impact on Hispanic ChildrenOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:35, 12:42
Shankar, KartikPreconception Maternal Nutritional Supplementation Mitigates Heat Stress-Associated Intrauterine Growth Retardation in a Resource-Restrained SettingFetal Development/Pregnancy12:35
Shearn, ColinInhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase Reduces NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in Mouse Primary Macrophages and in Bile Duct Ligated MiceGastroenterology/Hepatology1:35
Slosky, CamrynQuality of Life in Universal Screening-Identified Pediatric Celiac DiseaseGastroenterology/Hepatology1:14
Staple, BrandonDevelopmental Timeline of Lamination Defects and Seizure onset in a Mouse model of Focal Cortical DysplasiaBasic Science, Stem Cells1:35 - 1:42
Stevens, JennyNovel Tool (BIS) Heralds the Need for Blood Transfusion and/or Failure of Non-Operative Management in Pediatric Blunt Solid Organ InjuriesSurgery/Critical Care1:00
Sul, ChristinaRe-distribution of superoxide dismutase is protective against acute lung injury and inflammation in Staphylococcus Aureus pneumoniaPulmonary/Lung Injury12:14
Sundararajan, DivyaApplication of Current Guidelines in a Multidisciplinary Clinic for Adolescents with PCOSEndocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:00
Swenson, KarliKir2.1 Potassium Channels and Bone Morphogenic Protein in Craniofacial DevelopmentFetal Development/Pregnancy12:14
Taylor, Anya11-Oxyandrogens in Youth with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)Endocrinology/Adolescent Medicine12:14
Triolo, TaylorAssociation of high-affinity autoantibodies with high-risk HLA haplotypesBasic Science, Stem Cells1:28
Tuano, KrystleTechnique for Urgent, Endoscopic-Assisted Strip Craniectomy in a Case of Suspected Syndromic Bicoronal Craniosynostosis in a Patient with Widely Splayed Sutures and Concern for Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP)Fetal Development/Pregnancy12:49
Tummala, ShilpaBacterial Meningitis and Pediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the Post-PCV13 EraOncology/Infectious Disease/Neurology12:00
Wang, Emily JueLysine Demethylase 4B (KDM4B): A Novel Epigenetic Target in Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT)Fetal Development/Pregnancy12:21
Yee, SydneyDelayed Emergence in the PACU: Serotonin Syndrome, Pseudoseizure, or Normal Teenage Behavior?Surgery/Critical Care1:14
Zhang, HuiChromatin Structure Alteration Contributing to the Dysregulation of MiRNA-124 in Pulmonary HypertensionBasic Science, Stem Cells1:07