Leadership for Innovative Team Science (LITeS)

Leadership for Innovative Team Science (LITeS) is a year-long program focused on the development of leadership and team-building skills within the context of the academic health center. The structure of the program involves eight days of in-person workshops, as well as additional time working together in teams to address a series of campus or national issues for clinical and translational research. LITeS fosters team science by:

  • Building leadership for the clinical and translational science enterprise of tomorrow.
  • Creating a network of colleagues who share a passion for this work.
  • Expanding opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Ensuring that the next generation of clinical and translational scientists in Colorado receive the highest quality training for working and leading in their fields. 
  • The LITeS program addresses three key leadership domains:
  • Understanding and enhancing individual leadership behaviors and styles.
  • Developing interpersonal and team skills for leading, managing, and working with others across tasks and settings.
  • Improving process skills for increasing quality and efficiency in creative work and academic leadership. 

Participants will:

  • Complete a 360 degree evaluation process and develop a plan for using feedback from the evaluation.
  • Choose a professional development goal and complete a plan for its achievement.
  • Benefit from individual coaching related to personal development.
  • Participate in extensive training of skills for leadership, creativity, and team process development in such areas as:  conflict management, communication skills, influence strategies, negotiation, change management, building team productivity, and creating environments to support and include diverse ideas and enhance scientific creativity.
  • Participate in team project development, receiving guidance from university leaders in shaping and presenting projects, to include optimizing potential for implementation.

The 2019-20 LITeS program is available to individual nominees and to intact teams. Nominees should be faculty involved in clinical/translational research or with responsibilities related to academic administration or training programs in which clinical/translational research is involved. Nominees should have completed at least the mid-point review at the assistant professor level. We welcome participants from our CCTSI partners at CSU, Boulder, and participating hospitals.

This year, we are also seeking intact, functioning teams. Nominated teams should comprise 5-8 individuals (primarily faculty) who work together to conduct research and/or manage an academic, health service, or other program, that involves clinical or translational research in some way. Eligible teams may reside within one school or department, or may cross organizational units.​