Transform the current clinical and translational research and training efforts of all schools at CU Anschutz and affiliated institutions into an innovative, interdisciplinary, integrated, collaborative campus and hospital-wide academic home for clinical and translational sciences, scientists and trainees.


Improve the health of the population of Colorado by speeding the translation of biomedical discoveries into prevention and intervention strategies in the community, and by reducing health disparities.


Transformation of the Institution
The CCTSI will serve as the integrated and interdisciplinary statewide academic home for clinical and translational sciences.

Transformation of the Clinical and Translational Scientist
The CCTSI will enhance, integrate and transform training of translational scientists to develop a new generation of investigators with interdisciplinary and collaborative skills and a team approach to scientific investigation. Training programs will reach out to trainees of all disciplines (medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, public health, engineering, basic and behavioral sciences, etc.), providing outstanding mentoring and career development guidance.

Transformation of Discovery Translational Research
The CCTSI will transform discovery translational research (bench-to-bedside research) by providing new resources and infrastructure, integrating current and developing innovative research tools, catalyzing new interdisciplinary research programs and removing barriers to efficiency.

Transformation of Community Translational Research and Practice
The CCTSI will transform community and population-based research by enhancing and integrating Community-Based Participatory Research into programs that engage community participation and by developing novel methodologies and informatics platforms for translation of scientific discoveries into clinical practice.

Current Colorado Grant Application

CTSA Grant Application Refunded

We are pleased to announce that the CCTSI has been refunded by NIH through 2023!

The CCTSI has received our Notice of Grant Award (NOGA), and we will continue to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into improved patient care and public health.

Any questions can be directed to CCTSI's Principal Investigator and Director Ronald Sokol, MD or Administrative Director Tim Lockie.

Original Colorado Grant Application

CU Denver's CTSA Grant Application

The following is a redacted version of the original CTSA grant application submitted to the NIH in October, 2007. The CTSA grant received a priority score of 143 and was funded on May 29, 2008 for 5 years. Please note the following about this redacted version of the Colorado Grant Application:

"UCDHSC" was used throughout instead of "CU Denver" because the name of our University had only been officially changed weeks before the grant application deadline.

All budgetary and salary specifics, other selected sensitive information and some tables have been removed. However, the main thrust of the text of the CTSA application has not been altered.

The application was put together assuming a larger budget than was finally awarded. Thus, not all programs will be initiated to the extent and breadth described in the application. Every attempt will be made to roll out all described programs, sometimes seeking alternative sources of funding.

Any questions can be directed to CCTSI's Principal Investigator and Director Ronald Sokol, MD or Administrative Director Tim Lockie.

CCTSI PI and Director

Ronald J. Sokol, MD
Ronald J. Sokol, MD

Principal Investigator and Director of the CCTSI, Professor and Vice Chair, Clinical Research of the Department of Pediatrics
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