Translational Informatics

Translational informatics applies information science to help turn research data into knowledge: it incorporates academic disciplines including artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, information science and social science. The general goal of informatics is to develop systems that assist users by making it easy to store, retrieve and use data, information and knowledge.

Our Mission

  • Help translational researchers use informatics tools to find the data they need
  • Store and analyze the data they create
  • Share their discoveries
  • Provide the infrastructure as a learning community for bioinformaticists and health informaticists to learn, collaborate and develop new innovations in translational informatics

redcapA free, auditable, HIPAA-compliant tool for the creation of study databases and surveys. To create a new project or for more information, contact the REDCap team.


Health Data Compass

Compass integrates a variety of patient data from UCHealth, Children's Hospital of Colorado, CU Medicine (formerly UPI), and UC Denver. Health Data Compass restructures and harmonizes this data to make it more useful for a varity of uses. Data from UCHealth and CHCO goes back historically to 2011 and is current to the month.

Health Data Compass also integrates data on patients from UCHealth and Children's Hospital of Colorado electronic medical record (EMR) from other sources outside of the EMR such as the Colorado State Death Registry and CIVHC's All Payer Claims Database (APCD).


How to Access Clinical Data

Research Informatics

Health Data Compass




Health Data Compass

ACT (coming soon)

Eureka Security

Health Data Compass maintains Eureka, a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based analytics platform. Eureka is a non-profit resource built by researchers at the University of California San Francisco with support from the National Institutes of Health. The goal is to provide an effective and efficient platform usable by researchers anywhere.

The Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine maintains Rosalind, an on-premise high-performance computing environment. Rosalind offers an array of intellectually stimulating problems that grow in biological and computational complexity; each problem is checked automatically, so that the only resource required to learn bioinformatics is an internet connection.


The CCTSI Informatics Core houses servers and provides HIPAA-compliant security plans, as well as maintaining databases for various systems. For more information concerning these services, please contact the CCTSI Application Specialist.

Translational Informatics

Tell Bennett, MD, MS
Director, Translational Informatics, CCTSI
Associate Professor and Section Head, Informatics and Data Science, Department of Pediatrics
Attending Physician, Pediatric ICU, Children’s Hospital Colorado
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