CTRC MicroGrants Program

These awards can be used to pay for CTRC resources and services necessary to conduct CTRC-approved protocols at University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Residents are not eligible for MicroGrants. Eligible services include CTRC research nursing, CCTSI nutrition, CTRC core laboratory, CTRC echocardiography & vascular imaging, CTRC exercise testing, CTRC indirect calorimetry, DXA body composition analyses and some eligible hospital expenses (clinical laboratory charges, research pharmacy charges, and radiology charges). There will be no charge to investigators for use of CTRC inpatient beds or outpatient facility space.

Duration of Support

CTRC MicroGrants may be requested for a maximum period of 3 years per protocol.

Amount of Awards

Up to $10,000 per protocol per year may be awarded (subject to availability of funds after 6/30/2023).
Unspent funds may not be carried forward to the next year without specific permission from the CCTSI Administrative Core.

Annual Review

An annual review of progress for each protocol receiving CTRC MicroGrants support will be conducted to ensure adequate progress on the protocol has been achieved and to determine if funding will be provided for subsequent years.

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CTRC Financial Support Policy

Tim Lockie, MS, MBA
CCTSI Administrative Director

CTRC MicroGrants

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CCTSI Project Manager

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