CU-CSU Summit VIII - Building Research Collaboration

"COVID-19 and the Colorado Research Environment"


Every summer, the CCTSI hosts a daylong conference with the goal of fostering new collaborations across campuses and research areas. In 2020, the CU-CSU Summit took place on August 19--and was completely online for the first time ever!

The conference drew PhD, DVM and MD investigators, graduate and medical students, residents and post-doc fellows, veterinary students, associate deans, department and division heads from CU Anschutz, CU Boulder, CU Denver and CSU. And in 2020, attendees were able to claim CME or MOC credits.


Recordings of Sessions

Below you will find recordings of the keynote speakers, parallel sessions and lightning abstract presentations.

Introduction and CU-CSU Summit Keynote Presentations
Introduction and Goals
Ronald Sokol, MD, CCTSI Director
Professor, Pediatrics
Introduction to Summit
Vaccines in the Developmental Pipeline and NIAID Strategies
Mary Marovich, MD, DTMH
Director of Vaccine Research Program
Vaccines in the Developmental Pipeline
Modeling the COVID-19 Pandemic in Colorado
Jonathan Samet, MD, MS
Dean of the Colorado School of Public Health
Modeling COVID-19 Epidemic
CU Anschutz COVID-19 Biobank: Responding to a Pandemic
Thomas Flaig, MD
Vice Chancellor of Research
Responding to a Pandemic
Parallel Sessions

Integrating SARS-CoV-2 Serology into Workforce Management: RESTARtT Colorado
Sue VandeWoude, DVM
Associate Dean for Research

COVID-19 Work at BioFrontiers Institute
Roy Parker, PhD
Director, BioFrontiers Institute

Parallel Session One

Beyond Droplets versus Aerosols: Preparing Transmission-Resilient Buildings and Mindsets
Tami Bond, PhD
Scott Presidential Chair in Energy, Environment and Health

Ongoing SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Development at CSU
Marcela Henao-Tamayo MD, PhD, SCYM(ASCP)CM

Parallel Session Two

COVID-19 Treatment Research: Separating Wheat from Chaff
Thomas Campbell, MD
Professor of Infectious Disease, School of Medicine

Clinical and Immunological Outcomes of COVID-19 treated with Convalescent Plasma
David Beckham, MD
Associate Professor of Infectious Disease

Parallel Session Three

Medical Students' Explicit and Implicit Biases towards Patients with Disabilities: Implications for Potential Discrimination in COVID-19 Resource Allocation
Megan Morris, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine

Clinician and staff perspectives on the experiences of Potential Disparities introduced by the rapid implementation of telehealth services during COVID-19
Phoutdavone Phimphasone-Brady, PhD
Senior Instructor, Dept. of Psychiatry

Parallel Session Four
Lightning Abstract Presentation
Systemic Racism and Patterns of Exposure to COVID-19 Risk
Katherine Dickinson, PhD
Colorado School of Public Health
Systemic Racism and Patterns of Exposure
Quality and safety analysis of 2999 telemedicine encounters during the COVID-19 pandemic
Charuta Joshi, MBBS
Professor, Pediatric Neurology
Telemedicine during COVID-19
Flow Physics Informed Design of a Negative Pressure Isolation Space For SARS-CoV-2 in a Skilled Nursing Facility
Dabanjan Mukherjee, PhD
Mechanical Engineering
Flow Physics
Development of Inhaled Immunotherapy for Non-Specific Protection from COVID-19
Lyndah Chow, MS
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Inhaled Immunotherapy
Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxyenation Outcomes for COVID-19
Navin Vigneshwar, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Membrane Oxygenation Outcomes

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