Nurse working in labMicroGrants Program

These funds can be used to purchase CTRC services for research protocols conducted at University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Perinatal CTRC. This award is generally available to junior investigators

Colorado Pilot Program (CO-Pilot)

Provides one-year pilot awards to encourage cross-disciplinary and collaborative research in clinical and translational science. Several categories of award are available for applicants from fellows through senior investigators.

Child and Maternal Health Pilot Program (CMH-Pilot)

Provides one-year pilot awards for longitudinal research in children, pregnant women and mothers to improve child and maternal health and prevent diseases that begin in early life. These awards are generally available to fellows and junior investigators.

Community Engagement Pilot Program (CE-Pilot)
Encourages community-academic partnerships in clinical and translational research.

Translational Methods
Facilitates translational methods development across the University of Colorado campuses and its affiliate hospitals.

CU-CSU Collaboration Award
Provides one-year pilot awards to promote innovative research collaborations and interactions for clinical and translational research at CSU that will lead to new funded research.

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KL2 (K12) Research Scholar Award

A mentored award for training early-career MDs, PhDs, DDSs, PharmDs and DOs as clinical-translational researchers.

TL1 (T32) Pre/Post Doctoral Fellowships

A training track focused on providing clinical-translational experiences for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees.


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MicroGrant Program
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Education Support
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Colorado Pilot Program (CO-Pilot)
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Child and Maternal Health Pilot Program (CMH-Pilot)
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Community Engagement Pilot Program (CE-Pilot)
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Translational Methods (TM-Pilot)
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Colorado State University Pilot Program (CSU-Pilot)
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Center for NeuroScience Pilot Program (CNS-Pilot)
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