High Resolution peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT)

The XtremeCT II HR-pQCT scanner from SCANCO Medical is now available for COMIRB-approved clinical research studies!

Key features of the HR-pQCT scanner include:

  • The HR-pQCT imaging device assesses bone microarchitecture at the distal tibia and distal radius
  • Bone microstructure measured by HR-pQCT contributes to fracture risk independently of aBMD obtained from DXA (Nishiyama et al. Curr Osteo Rep 2013)
  • Greater precision with this second-generation device means you can detect smaller changes in a shorter time frame than with other bone imaging modalities such as DXA
  • This research imaging modality is safe enough to use in pediatric and adolescent populations

The XtremeCT II is located on the sixth floor of the AHSB.

Four seed grants in the amount of $10,000 each are available through a competitive application process. These seed grants are intended to increase utilization of this new instrument by new investigators and can be used on HR-pQCT scanning/analysis. They are supported by the CCTSI, the Vice Chancellor of Research, and Pediatric Endocrinology at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. One of the four awards is specifically for investigators studying pediatric populations. Please check back for the next annual call for seed grants in Fall 2023. These annual seed grants will be available through ~2025.

When you have funding to use HR-pQCT in your research, please fill out the HR-pQCT Investigator Interest Survey.

Please refer to the following pricing structure effective 2/16/2023. Previous pricing structure will be honored for currently active HR-pQCT protocols and seed grants submitted on/before 2/15/2023.

 1 Anatomical Site2 Anatomical Sites3 Anatomical Sites4 Anatomical SitesObject/Specimen
Image Acquisition$160$160$160$160
Discuss with HR-pQCT Team**
Image Analysis$80$160$240$320
FEA Analysis (distal sites only, not ultra distal sites; requires images analysis to already be completed$45$90$90$90
Total per participant$285$410$490$570
*Each cell represents individual cost. If a study team wants acquisition and analysis the two cells should be added together. If the study team wants acquisition, analysis and FEA the three cells should be added together.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR-pQCT Leadership Team:

  • Faculty Director: Julio Carballido-Gamio, PhD
  • Core Director: Wendy M. Kohrt, PhD
  • Technical Director: R. Dana Carpenter, PhD
  • Medical Director: Christine M. Swanson, MD, MCR

The HR-pQCT device was acquired via successful grant applications to the NIGMS (S10 OD028453) and the University of Colorado’s Strategic Infrastructure for Research Committee (SIRC) in 2019. Please remember to cite this grant (S10 OD028453) in any publication that utilized the HR-pQCT device!

Table 1. Most relevant bone parameters automatically computed by the HR-pQCT software
Total volumetric bone mineral density (Total.vBMD; mg HA/cm3)Ratio of peripheral to mesial Tb.vBMD (p/m Tb.vBMD)
Trabecular volumetric bone mineral density (Tb.vBMD; mg HA/cm3)Cortical volumetric bone mineral density (Ct.vBMD; mg HA/cm3)
Peripheral trabecular volumetric bone mineral density (pTb.vBMD; mg HA/cm3)Cortical tissue mineral density (Ct.TMD; mg HA/cm3)
Mesial trabecular volumetric bone mineral density (mTb.vBMD; mg HA/cm3) 
Total cross-sectional area (Tt.Ar; mm2)Trabecular volume (Tb.TV; mm3)
Trabecular cross-sectional area (Tb.Ar; mm2)Cortical volume (Ct.TV; mm3)
Cortical cross-sectional area (Ct.Ar; mm2)Cortical perimeter (Ct.Pm; mm)
Total tissue volume (Tt.TV; mm3) 
Trabecular bone microarchitecture
Bone volume fraction (BV/TV; %)Trabecular bone separation (Tb.Sp; µm)
Trabecular bone number (Tb.N; mm-1)Trabecular bone distribution (Tb.Sp.SD; µm)
Trabecular bone thickness (Tb.Th; µm) 
Cortical bone microstructure
Cortical bone thickness (Ct.Th; mm)Cortical pore volume (Ct.Po.V; mm3)
Cortical porosity (Ct.Po; %)Cortical pore diameter (Ct.Po.Dm; µm)
 Cortical pore diameter distribution (Ct.Po.Dm.SD; µm)
Bone biomechanics
Bone stiffness (kN/mm)Failure load (N)
Julio Carballido-Gamio, PhD
Faculty Director
Wendy M. Kohrt, PhD
Core Director
R. Dana Carpenter, PhD
Technical Director
Christine M. Swanson, MD, MCR
Medical Director


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