Adult CTRC Nursing Services

Our team supports investigator-initiated studies, including multi-center NIH studies, and industry-initiated protocols. All services are provided as fee-for-service with federally-funded studies receiving subsidized rates. Our team includes registered nurses, medical assistants, an echo tech and a Nurse Practitioner--all of whom have clinical research expertise.

Nurse talking to patientWe support research visits in dedicated inpatient and outpatient research facilities as well as limited mobile services to conduct research visits within the University of Colorado Hospital and Anschutz campus. Nursing services available include but are not limited to:

  • Nurse Practitioner support for H&Ps, muscle and fat biopsies, lumbar punctures and proctoring vO2max and exercise tests. (2max should be a subscript)
  • Vital signs, ECGs and anthropometrics assessments
  • Patient observation including frequent monitoring and real time data collection
  • Drug administration (Oral, IV, SQ, IM, infusion therapy)
  • IV insertion, phlebotomy, and frequent blood sampling
  • Assistance with complex research procedures including bronchoscopies, right heart catheters, intravenous cell collections, insulin clamps and allergy testing

Nurse Practitioner support for:

  • History and physicals
  • Skin, muscle and fat biopsies, lumbar punctures
  • Proctoring vO2 mas and exercise tests (2max)
  • Interpreting resting ECGs
  • APP observation for protocols that require it

Participant parking instructions, the formal Anschutz Health Sciences Building (AHSB) address for use with GPS and directions to the CTRC

AHSB Emergency Contact Procedures

For more information on the pharmacy needs for your specific study, please contact the CU Research Pharmacy.

Adult OP CTRC Supply Shortages

The following items are difficult to obtain due to supply chain issues and may not be available for your CTRC visits. We have placed orders for these items from multiple vendors and cannot find a reliable supply. We have no estimated arrival date for any of the orders for these products. Please check with CTRC Nursing if you have a visit utilizing any of these supplies in the next 7 days. No add-on visits will be accepted for visits using these items unless the study team supplies these items for the visit.

  • There are currently no shortages of supplies


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