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Indian superhero punching a cartoon virusThe Urban American Indian/Alaska Native COVID-19 workgroup in the Denver metro area has over 10 participants. Many in the COVID-19 workgroup are actively involved in or work for Native-serving organizations, government and community-based organizations, and have connections to schools and local businesses. The group recognized the importance of the process being Native-led with the designer, medical expert, community connector, one facilitator, all workgroup participants, and the owner of the printing company being Native and representing diverse Tribes.

In the fall of 2021, our 12 person workgroup focused on reaching two audiences: adolescents (12-17 years) and older adults/elders (35-60+ years) with two designs – a superhero and an elder. Recognizing the importance of matriarchal culture and appealing to the diversity of the Native community in Denver, both designs are women with Intertribal clothing and jewelry. The snowcapped mountains, Denver skyline, and Columbine flower were all carefully chosen to capture familiar, local images. Rather than show needles or other images that may lead people to think about pain, the hummingbird is a symbol of hope, the superhero is powerful, and the older woman shows the importance of protecting elders. 

The group selected tangible products: masks, backpacks, stickers, and posters to distribute throughout the community. In addition, the workgroup members printed t-shirts with the same images to wear as the group distributes products. Our distribution plan focuses on sharing products through schools, Native-serving organizations in the Denver metro area, and at events during the winter and spring.

If you are interested in other artwork for promotional materials like the image displayed here, please contact Meredith Warman for more information. All materials are copyright 2022 CO-CEAL.

Reflections from our CO-CEAL Boot Camp Translation Workgroup



Community Connector
Crystal LoudHawk-Hedgepeth
Amanda Skenadore
Meredith Fort
Medical Expert
Kelly Moore, MD, FAAP
Graphic Designer
Marcus Trujillo
*last updated Spring 2022

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