Urban Latino (a/x) CO-CEAL Community

Latinos have a low vaccination rate

The Urban Latino(a/x) community CO-CEAL group is comprised of multiple individuals (including two facilitators and a graphic designer) representing various demographics and communities in the Denver metropolitan area and Pueblo. Over a span of 8 weeks in the fall 2021, the eleven person group collaborated to address the immediate need of providing accurate information pertaining to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in our community. We developed RTD exterior bus side and bus bench advertisements, a social media campaign, branded cloth masks and rack cards. All of the images and call to action included culturally relevant materials that were a result of authentic community engagement and collaborative experiences of our group. As Urban Latino representatives, our group was committed to improving health equity in our community and believe that we are stronger together! Ultimately, we created the following slogan, “#Juntos Si Se Puede” (Together We Can), to promote the urgency of coming together to address the high rates of COVID-19 amongst our “Raza” (People).  Additionally, a group of Latino(a/x) representatives and gatekeepers from Pueblo reviewed the messaging and materials and provided input on how the materials would be utilized to represent their community. The collective lived and living experience of group members resulted in producing a message designed to positively impact and sustain the health and wellness of the Latino(a/x) communities in Denver and Pueblo. 

If you are interested in other artwork for promotional materials like the image displayed here, please contact Meredith Warman for more information. All materials are copyright 2022 CO-CEAL.

Woman sitting with her granddaughter


Cheryl Lucero
Deborah Cardenas
Richard Castro Jr.
Lesley Del Rio
David Navas
Rio Sanchez
Rica Rodriguez
Danette Martinez
Mateo Rocha
Gina Linda Adakai 
Christina Grublak 
Elaine Madrid
Cindy Valenzuela
Antonio Valenzuela
Andrea Saucedo
Koralia DeLara
Community Connectors
Stephanie Salazar Rodriguez (Denver)
Sol Sandoval (Pueblo)
Beka Mullen (Fall 2021)
Juana Cerna (Fall 2021)
Jose Barron (Spring 2022)
Theresa Trujillo (Spring 2022)
Medical Experts
Ricardo Gonzalez-Fisher, MD, MPH, FACS (Fall 2021)
Oswaldo "Ozzie" Grenardo, MD, MBA, MSHA (Spring 2022)
Graphic Designers
Kim Sharp (Fall 2021)
Ruben Chavez (Spring 2022)

CEAL Contacts

Donald Nease, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Ricardo Gonzalez-Fisher, MD
Servicios de La Raza
Ronald Sokol, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus