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Resources and Services

CCTSI supports translational research by providing resources, integrating facilities and services, developing innovative research tools and catalyzing interdisciplinary research programs.

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Each year, the CCTSI awards more than $2 million in pilot grants, microgrants, and pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research scholar awards. You can find more information on each grant and how to apply

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Education, Training and Career Development

The Education, Training and Career Development (ETCD) program provides clinical-translational scientists and trainees with knowledge, training and career skills

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Clinical Translational Research Centers

The CTRC provides infrastructure, resources and dedicated space to conduct clinical research.

ATLAS.ti Short Course Available Now

| 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Doug Fernald
ATLAS.ti is qualitative data analysis software designed to help manage and analyze non-numerical data: text, video, audio, and graphics. ATLAS.ti supports many analytical approaches.  The e-learning modules introduce learners to the foundational building blocks and tools of ATLAS.ti. We designed these courses for learners in medicine, public health, nursing, and healthcare who want to jump start their analysis using ATLAS.ti.
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